What better way to toast victory than with a nice soft ice cream. Sir Whippy can offer fresh dairy Ice creams and Lollies on the side lines of your sporting events and tournaments and even make a donation back to the event organiser from our takings!


Our ice cream vans are available for sports days and school events throughout the south of England! Whatever or wherever your event, we can enhance it with one of our high-quality ice cream vans. Small or large, private or public give us a call.


We have worked on thousands of events over the years catering from 100 to 100,000, so no matter what you are planning we can help you. We specialise in fetes, weddings, parties and celebrations of all shapes and sizes and can provide single or multiple vans as an all-inclusive / complimentary package or as a standard arrangement with public / paying guests.

We even have Electric Ice Cream vans so if you can provide us with a suitable hook-up point we can provide you ice cream all day long with zero emissions! Can your other providers do that?