Bracknell Trial

Due to Covid-19 we do not think its ethical to continue to trade as normal roaming the streets and playing our chime to attract custom. Government advice is to limit social contact to try and stop the virus spreading and we would like to do our part to help with this.

We are trialling a home delivery in which you place and pay for your order online with us through our website and we will bring your order to your door within your chosen time slot. We have set a minimum order of £10 for this and are going to try and organise time slots by Bracknell areas. Time slots are 2 hour periods and we cannot guarantee a time within this. We will try our best to accommodate all approved orders in their chosen time slots. However if this is not possible we will contact you. Please understand this is new to all of us so we want to manage expectations.

Please remember to ensure social distancing is maintained if you come out to the van to collect your purchase. Ideally only one household member is needed to collect, or we can bring it to your door and leave it as a Contact-less approach. Please ensure a distance of 2m is kept between yourself, our staff and any others. Please refrain from touching the van and the counter unnecessarily.

Checkout not working?

This is a new trial for us with a system we have put a lot of time into to develop for our needs, however there will be teething problems.

Postcodes: We are trying to limit deliveries to service postcodes so if you are outside of the area it may not work, email us your postcode and we will try to add it to the system. Slots: We do not know how many deliveries we can process in an hour so we have limited slot capacity whilst we trial this. Please bear with us. Other errors: Let us know via email and we will investigate.

Online Delivery Notice

We have Closed our online Delivery Slots for the 2020 Season