• Sir Whippy was founded by Andy Newland who has worked for over 10 years in the ice cream industry.  Following the retirement of the ‘Tony Fresko’ business which Andy had managed for the last 5 years it seemed only natural to continue running a fleet of ice cream vans under the new name Sir Whippy.

    Andy has a good understanding of the industry with a passion to push forward with innovation and ideas.

  • Since running Sir Whippy, Andy has invested a considerable amount of time and money into the sustainability of the ice cream trade. Ice Cream Vans are becoming banned in parts of the country due to diesel emissions and Andy is keen to lead the way with newer greener vans.

    To date Sir Whippy have invested in electric powered machinery for their ice cream vans, allowing trading from electrical hook up when available. We are also investing in battery technology to enable us to trade in remote locations without any emissions.

    It is safe to say that Sir Whippy are turning ice cream vans into ‘Green Mean Powered Machines!’

  • Sir Whippy’s vision is to continue selling ice cream from their distinctive vans in the local area, enabling generations to come to enjoy soft ice cream at affordable prices. We are committed to ensure we do this in the most environmentally friendly way. By 2025 hopefully all our ice cream vans will be carbon neutral and may even be powered by the sun!


    In contrast to our competitors, we run a fleet of modern ice cream vans providing quality products at affordable prices. We have been working with some of the finest ice cream suppliers in the country and offer what we think is the best in fresh dairy ice cream. We use premium brands across the range from cones, flakes, sauces and toppings making that 'Flake 99' the best it can be.


    We aim to give you the fairest price only paying for the ice creams consumed. We are one of the most competitive priced ice cream vans around. We still offer a £1 ice cream on our rounds!


    We only serve fresh dairy ice cream from our vans using premium ingredients and flavourings. We also offer a large range of branded wrapped products from Walls, Nestle and Treats.


    We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours during season and have 5 star food hygiene and level 3 food handling qualifications. Your event will be safe in our hands.

    Online Delivery Notice

    We have Now Closed our Covid Online Home Delivery Service. Are vans our out working 7 days a week on our rounds, at our static sites and attending events.